American landscape and cityscape photographer Nate Nieto, was born in central Oklahoma in the late 80s. With a great love for the outdoors, Nate moved from Oklahoma to Colorado at the age of 19. Taking full advantage of his new surroundings, he began pursuing an active life in the outdoors. He loved snapping photos on the trail from his GoPro during his backpacking trips; there was just something addicting about capturing the beauty of what one sees to share with others. A desire for pursuing photography quickly ensued. His hobby grew to become an intense passion and by the age of 23, Nate began shooting landscapes full time. Starting his self-taught career off on the right foot, Nate has remained a purist from the beginning and is a firm believer in not using any darkroom tricks, colored filters or HDR in his process.

Since beginning his career in 2011, Nate has dived head first taking opportunities and challenges head on; from blizzard conditions to the dry deserts of the southwest he travels coast to coast in search of jaw-dropping photographs. Despite the recent outset of his career, Nate has already captured some remarkable images and is only getting better. With a few handfuls of his own "secret" locations who knows whats in store for his future releases